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    Business Consultations

    Whether you are a business owner or a manager of a company, it is important to keep the mission of the organization in mind. One area which affects businesses is the well-being of employees. Maybe the company is struggling with retention of employees or maybe profit and production is low or maybe members of a team or group are struggling to meditate their conflict which is creating a complex working environment.

    Through a systemic look into the organization, Dr. Boros with Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond can help your business get on track. Systemically, each area affects the next area, resulting in possible problems. Looking at the whole picture instead of only looking at one or two problems, helps the organization to maintain balance and unity as a whole. In other words, when employees struggle to get along this could lead to a reduction in retention. When companies continue to spend money training new employees this often results in loss in production, when the production slows, this effects overall profits. In another example, maybe an employee is struggling with their health or having troubles at home, this results in the employee being hostile to a customer. Customer decides not to return to your business and potentially tells others not to return or use your business for services. Again, this situation resulted in a systemic down fall into profits. No matter the concern, contact Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond for a systemic consultation to improve your business.