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    See what the clients, supervisees, and student interns are saying about Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond!

    Here at Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond, you are not just another client, supervisee, or student intern. We value treating each individual with a specialized plan that works for them, focusing on the quality of care instead of the quantity of care. 

    ** Please note Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond has received HIPAA-compliant consent to publish any testimonials from clients, supervisees, and student interns. Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond cares about your confidentiality and will not publish any testimonials or reviews without proper consent. In order to protect clients, supervisees, and student interns’ confidentiality it is essential that they contact Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond to complete the required documentation before posting/publishing any testimonials and reviews to any sites. **


    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond helping clients, supervisees, and student interns SUCCEED!

    “Dr. Boros is so great. She cares so much about people. She listens intently and responds intentionally. When I ask questions I feel I am getting real help and answers. Dr. Boros has empowered and supported me to make decisions myself and asks thoughtful questions to support my personal and professional development. She answers my emails and texts within an extremely reasonable time, and I feel as though I am supported and empowered by her teaching and guidance. She is a fair and reasonable supervisor. Highly recommend!”

    ~ Hannah

    “Dr. Paula Boros has been my site supervisor over the course of my 4 quarters of internship. I could not have chosen a more supportive supervisor. My growth has been exponential, to say the least. I felt so secure in this choice of having her as my supervisor and it shows in my development as a therapist. Easiest and one of the most important decisions I have ever made in my career.”

    ~ Cherelle

    Dr. Boros, your supervision has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. The depth of your knowledge and experience have provided valuable insights and guidance in a range of situations. I have felt that you believe in my abilities and encourage me to believe in myself. Your supervision has provided clarity and direction which has helped me support clients with confidence. I made the best decision in my journey when I asked you to be my supervisor. I am ever thankful that you took me on.

    ~ DiDi

    “Working with Dr. Boros has been a fantastic experience. I have gained the knowledge and tools I need to move forward into the next chapter in my life while also feeling empowered to be who I am throughout this journey.”

    ~ Kacie

    “Dr. Boros is such an amazing supervisor! I have been grateful to have her insight and perspectives available to me during my LMFT Associate tenure. I cannot say enough about her ability to provide supervision and support. Her knowledge is superior and extensive, and her compassion for the learning curve of her supervisees is handled so well. If anyone needs a supervisor, she is the one to select!”

    ~ Jane (pseudonym)