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    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond

    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond is the premium therapeutic and business consulting industry, providing services to all of Texas and Florida. Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond looks to help reduce your symptoms while assisting you to overcome your struggles. In addition, ensuring your business is running at an optimal level helps to fine tune and ensure it is functioning smoothly and effortlessly. As clients of Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond, our professionals are here to assist you to becoming the person you want to be, for therapy is no longer for the weak. Our professionals are experts in science and art, combining these elements to help alleviate your symptoms and get you back on to a path to having less concerns with more enjoyment from the things you love.

    Therapeutic Services

    Maybe you or someone you know is struggling to “keep it together.” Maybe you are having trouble adjusting to a change in a situation, or maybe you are experiencing concerns with feeling down and blue or having excess worry running to the endless “what-if” situations in your mind. Maybe you are finding yourself having struggles within or maintain a relationship, romantic, friendship, employee, with your spouse or child. Maybe you are experiencing loss and grief. There are a variety of ways in which someone might seek out therapeutic services.

    As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), Dr. Boros specializes in a system approach helping families understand how systems affect relationships. For example, if a client were to come into therapy with symptoms of depression, Dr. Boros is going to help the client understand the various systems which could lead a person to developing depression. This systemic approach allows for the client to feel less like the identified client, and in turn creates room for positive change. One small change can lead to more and more changes.

    Business Consultations

    Whether you are a business owner or a manager of a company, it is important to keep the mission of the organization in mind. One area which affects businesses is the well-being of employees. Maybe the company is struggling with retention of employees or maybe profit and production is low or maybe members of a team or group are struggling to meditate their conflict which is creating a complex working environment.

    Supervision Services

    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond offers supervision services. Dr. Boros is an approved supervisor in Texas (LMFT-S) for MFTs and a qualified supervisor in Florida for MFTs and MHCs, along with being an AAMFT Approved Supervisor. Through these supervisor designations, Dr. Boros supervises LMFT-Associates (TX- not to exceed 12 supervisees at one time); Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Interns and Registered Mental Health Counselor Interns in Florida; and conducts supervision of supervision for AAMFT Approved Supervisors. As a supervisor, my approach to supervision is utilizing a system, postmodern approach through a Solution-Focused framework at the same time as acknowledging and including common factors of therapy.

    Let's Work Together

    Asking for help is a signal of strength and success. Together through collaboration, we can help you take charge of your life instead of letting life take charge of you. Take that first step and reach out by contacting Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond and schedule your free consultation today.