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    Workshops, Groups, and Presentations

    Contact Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond to sign up for workshops, groups, and presentations.


    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond is committed to providing various services to fit your needs and budget. Join us for our groups and connect with others.

    "Intro to the Mental Health Journey"

    "Intro to the Mental Health Journey"

    Join us for an "Intro to the Mental Health Journey" for Mental Health Awareness Month. These four weeks will provide a basic understanding of elements that affect mental health. 

    Introducing a New Dog to the Home

    Introducing a New Dog to the Home

    Are you thinking about getting a new dog to add to your family? Whether this is your first dog or you are considering adding more dogs to the family, join the "Introducing a New Dog to the Home" group. 

    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond joins forces with Impawsible Dog Training to bring this psychoeducational group to your household. This must-have group provides all the essentials to bringing a new dog home. 

    Canine Bereavement Support Group

    Canine Bereavement Support Group

    Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond recognizes the importance of our furry friends as family members. They bring us joy and companionship while providing unconditional love without judgment. Although we wish they could live forever, there comes a time when they must leave our sides. This transition can be difficult. Join the "Canine Bereavement Support Group" to help you through this process. 

    Canine Uphill Distress Support Group

    Canine Uphill Distress Support Group

    Our love knows no bounds, especially for our furry loved ones. As we travel down the road to make them the best version of themselves, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond's "Canine Uphill Distress Support Group" is here for those doggy parents struggling to see past their dog's unruly behaviors. 

    Canine Medical Support Group

    Canine Medical Support Group

    Just like people, dogs can become ill, get sick, develop cancer, or lose a limb, to name a few. You do not have to do this process alone. Join Moving Forward Therapy's "Canine Medical Support Group" to help families through the difficult time of their loved ones' medical concerns.  


    As my grandmother used to say, “Knowledge is power. It is the one thing no one can take away from you.” ~Nana Boros

    As mental health and relationships are vital to our everyday living, let Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond provide education and knowledge on how to do things differently by creating positive change within your relationships. We aim to help educate our communities on various topics from a systemic framework. Through this systemic framework, we understand that relationships are inner connected and not linear. In other words, everything is connected, and we formulate all relationships through that connection. Relationships can be familial, romantic, friendships, acquaintances, and even strangers. No matter the relationship type, we continue to ensure that we are helping our communities build healthy and sustainable relationships for a better quality of living.

    Let Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond empower you with knowledge. We are available for presentations, to attend panel discussions, and be guest speakers for the communities we serve within Florida and Texas (additionally, we may be able to accommodate other locations if available).


    Some possible considerations include but are not limited to the following:

    • Professional settings
    • Companies or Businesses
    • School settings
    • Childcare programs
    • After-school programs
    • Team building events
    • PTAs
    • Networking organizations
    • Community events
    • Social functions
    • Professional conferences and workshops
    • Continuing education classes
    • Communal organizations
    • Chamber of Commerce
    • Colleges and Universities
    • Athletic programs
    • Youth programs
    • Support groups
    • Advocacy circles

    The options are endless on various topics we can discuss, present, or be a guest speaker on.

    • Are you a school looking to incorporate more mental health into your classrooms?
    • Are you a company looking to train and educate employees and staff about team building or job satisfaction?
    • Are you a parent struggling to talk to your child about dating and healthy dating relationships?
    • Are you a couple looking to have healthier relationships?
    • Are you a family that is struggling to connect?
    • Are you a network meeting, looking to learn more about mental health or relationships and how these impact our daily lives?
    • Are you interested in learning about the differences between the various mental health providers and what they offer?
    • Are you interested in learning more about military/veteran communities and the impact the military has on life?
    • Are you a professional organization wanting to learn more about mental health concerns?
    • Are you interested in learning more about licensure and AAMFT Supervision and the difference between these supervision types?
    • Are you a local community program for children and want to teach children healthy coping mechanisms?

    Settings and Topics

    No matter the setting or the topic, Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond is here to provide knowledge to our communities through presentations, attending panel discussions, and being guest speakers. Do not hesitate to contact Moving Forward Therapy and Beyond today to schedule your knowledge session.