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  • Dr. Paula Boros, PhD., LMFT-S, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

    Dr. Paula Boros received a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master’s in Science (M.S.) in Family Therapy, and a Bachelor’s in Arts (B.A.) in Psychology.

    She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) in Texas (203704) and Florida (MT 3458), Texas and Florida licensure supervisor (LMFT-S), certified Hypnotherapist, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor, AAMFT Clinical Fellow, and a U.S. combat veteran.

    Have you ever experienced “Paula” therapy before? What is “Paula” therapy you might ask?

    “Paula” therapy is where we find the right therapy style for you. My authentic approach gives clients the tools they need. I use a direct approach to get clients unique solutions. I pride myself on being authentically me and bringing out an authentic version of you. I do believe the stigma of mental health and therapy makes it appear as a weakness or reinforces “keep it in the family” secrets and situations. Yet through “Paula” therapy I provide space for clients to courageously seek help that is confidential, professional, and validating. This space is moving Forward Therapy and Beyond! This is the space to be authentically you!

    What about “Paula” aka “Dr. Boros” supervision?

    “Paula” therapy, “Dr. Boros” supervision creates a space where student interns and supervises for licensure learn to be authentically them while providing therapy to others. Dr. Boros has a wealth of knowledge around therapy and supervision that she wants to share with you. During this process, the supervisor and supervisee will work collaboratively as a team in which the supervisee is taking their next step in their professional and personal development. Throughout the process, Dr. Boros hopes to give the supervisee encouragement, support, guidance, advice, and a safety net as the supervisee grows and develops. Ensuring that the supervisee can become the best therapist they can be, this process of supervision will come in many forms, such as the supervisor will be reflective, allowing space for learning, while other times the supervisor will provide advice and directive. The supervision process will consist of various elements, such as, case consultation, self-of-the-therapist, therapist self-care, development of personhood, ethics, mental health laws, practice building, networking, navigating personal and professional/work conflicts, and improving diagnostics and paperwork. Dr. Boros is excited to work with you within the supervision process and be your supervisor. Please contact Dr. Boros today to schedule a time to talk about supervision. She is currently accepting Student interns in MFT for TX and FL, licensure MFTs for TX and FL, licensure MHCs in FL, and AAMFT Approved Supervisor (Candidates) Mentees.

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