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  • Hannah McKinnies, MS, LMFT Associate

    Hannah understands that people have different experiences that shape who they become in their lives, while these experiences are the results of some choices made, many of them may be from patterns that have been passed down generationally that they may not have control over. Hannah understands that people may not know how to change their lives if they are functioning under the way they have always been taught; recognizing these patterns of behavior can take courage and that learning what is in their control and what is out of their control can help them see what they want to be different.

    Hannah wants to work with clients an give them “tools” for their toolbox. Hannah believes that patterns of behavior are learned and that behavior is a form of communication. She works with clients on topics that will improve how they interact in their relationships. Hannah works with individuals, couples, and families.

    Hannah’s goal is for clients who speak to her feel heard and that they have someone who is willing to meet them where they are in that moment. Hannah works from a systemic therapist point of view, and believes that the relationships have an impact on their current functioning and symptoms.

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